At Family Funeral Directors we aim to keep the costs of a funeral as low as possible so that you can choose to do more for your loved ones that is why our prices are up to 40% lower than the Co-op and you can save even more compared to the likes of Dignity.

We believe no-one should be prevented a dignified funeral or forced into debt because of the costs of organising a funeral for their loved one.

Our passionate and caring team provide the highest quality professional funeral services and choose to can pass on the savings to you and your loved ones for the things within our control.

Our carefully designed packages start at only £1295 for a simple cremation or burial. All our funerals include:

  • taking your loved one into care
  • liaising with local authorities on your behalf
  • providing support for planning the funeral
  • taking care of all the legal aspects including documentation
  • a hearse to transfer your loved one to the local crematorium or cemetery.

Additional costs for services provided by others

However, unfortunately, there are some other 3rd party costs out of our control that you will need to take into consideration and, although we can mitigate for these with our pre-paid funeral plans,  you will need to put aside extra funds to cover these costs over and above the cost of your funeral if you do not have a plan.  These can include for instance:

  • Flowers
  • Humanist, Priest or Officiant’s fee
  • Burial or interment fee
  • Gravedigger fees
  • Cremation fees
  • Fees for cremation documents
  • Purchase of a grave/burial plot
  • Musicians fees such as cantors or pipers
  • Memorial headstones
  • Fees to scatter ashes

Our team can advise on typical costs for the above but we typically recommend that you keep at least an additional £700 to £1200 aside over the cost of our packages depending on whether it is cremation or burial.

Of course, depending on your final wishes you may want to include additional services such as limousines for your family, or printed order of service for the ceremony, and we can provide these at very competitive prices should you desire. Our experienced team will guide you through this process ensuring you get the perfect funeral for your loved one at the highest quality service at the best possible price.

Please remember though that costs vary significantly across Scotland, therefore, the price you pay could be higher or lower depending on where you make your funeral arrangements. According to costs reported in the Royal London (2017) ‘A False Dawn’ report and the Sunlife (2017) ‘Cost of Dying’ report, the average cost of a funeral in Scotland in 2017 was over £3000.

For a more accurate estimate of 3rd party costs in your area, please give us a call.

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